Tour de Marque: Cars of the Autobahn

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Tour de Marque: Cars of the Autobahn, Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix Festival

Tour de Marque: Cars of the Autobahn, Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix Festival

Tour de Marque: Cars of the Autobahn, Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix Festival

Cayuga Health System Sponsor, Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix Festival

An opportunity for owners of the featured car of each year's event to participate in the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival as part of the show.
For a quick overview, here is a small pictorial sample of a previous year's Tour de Marque, when Corvettes were featured.

Friday- September 8, 2017

Starts at Chateau Lafayette Reneau
5081 State Route 414
Hector NY 14841

The Grand Prix Festival Committee is aware that there are many wonderful cars out there that just donít have enough numbers for it to ever be feasible to make them the featured marque. But we donít want to exclude those cars either, so we are inviting the whole country of cars built in Germany - before 1980 - to participate, with emphasis on marques other than BMW and Porsche. They turned out in numbers when those marques were featured, so we hope they understand that NSU and Opel deserve a turn now.

Traditionally our Tour de Marque has always featured one particular brand of car each year. That poses a small problem. To be the featured marque, the brand has to have enough cars that are running and willing to participate. One year we did Morgan and that was a nail biter in that you just donít see that many Morgans around. Fortunately with the help of some club members we were in fact able to get a sufficient showing of Morgans that year. So this year weíre counting on all of you with a passion for German cars to share that with us. Whether youíre preserving the heritage of a lost marque, or you just love to drive your own personal connection to the Autobahn - come out and share your pride and joy with us.

We know that there are lots of special German cars built after 1980, so if you think your newer German Car will attract a crowd, contact us for consideration.

Registration fee of $145 per car.
This year the WGI Tour de Marque Launched From Chateau Lafayette Reneau - Cars of the Autobahn will start out at the CLR Winery.
Then they will get to do a really neat roughly 85 mile Rallye Route of the kind that only the Stone Bridge Driver Events Committee is famous for putting on.
After finishing their Rallye Route they drive their two Cayuga Health System Laps of the Old Course

To Enter:

For an entry form call Watkins Glen Promotions at: 607-535-3003, or Click Here[PDF] to print out a copy. Please note that registration for all events is limited and events fill up fast, so don't delay your registration!

For more specific information, or to check eligibility, contact:
Bruce Coulombe at 607-793-3426 or email

Featured Marques of the Past:
2016 - Corvette
2015 - Mazda (Miata's 25th Anniversary)
2014 - MG (90th Anniversary)
2013 - Mini
2012 - Ford Mustang
2011 - Datsun/Nissan
2010 - Alfa Romeo (100th Anniversary)
2009 - Morgan
2008 - Triumph
2007 - BMW
2006 - Porsche
2005 - Alfa Romeo
2004 - MG (80th Anniversary)
2003 - Corvette (50th Anniversary)
2002 - Mini
2001 - Cunningham

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