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Grand Prix Festival accepting donations toward Law Enforcement Expense

Several months ago, the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival committee issued a plea for help via the Google Groups. At the turn of the year, due to budget constraints at the Village of Watkins Glen, the village board has decided to start charging the Grand Prix Festival a rather large sum of money to cover the overtime costs of the Village Police that are associated with our festival.

As you all know the Grand Prix Festival is extremely dependant on police personnel during our great event. Most of you will likely agree that they do a wonderful job of getting us through intersections and traffic lights when needed, not to mention all that they do the night before relative to closing off streets and parking areas etc. Often, they are at points distant from downtown.

The police personnel are made up of a great combination of state, county, village and state park police. We even utilize some police from neighboring counties. It is quite an endeavor on their part and fortunately most of them seem to really enjoy it.

The Grand Prix Festival is owned by a 501-C-3 not-for-profit corporation called Watkins Glen Promotions. The Grand Prix Festival does bring in some sponsorship money as well as funding from rallye participants, but it operates on a very limited budget and there is no room for extra expenses such as paying the Village of Watkins Glen for police services. It takes a bunch of money to be able to put on a festival like this, as if there was any other festival like this.

Many participants and enthusiasts responded favorably to the situation, and there was lots of chatter on the Google Group. Unfortunately, not too many donations were forthcoming. There is still opportunity for you to make a tax deductible charitable contribution to Watkins Glen Promotions to help defray the costs of the Village Police.

We understand that you already invest when you sign up to be a participant in the Grand Prix Festival, but that goes directly to expenses. We know that most of you really appreciate the role that the police play in our event and some of you might just be willing to spend a bit extra to lend a helping hand.

We have made this process easier by utilizing PayPal, in addition to check or credit card.

Watkins Glen Promotions
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Or you can donate with a credit card by calling 607-535-3003

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